• Religious Institutions
  • Hospice Organizations
  • Individuals Desiring Spiritual Enrichment

Meditation has been practiced for thousands of years as a means of spiritual awakening and enrichment.  It compliments and enhances all religious traditions.

"Spiritual Enrichment" means many things, depending on one's beliefs:

  • A heightened sense of communion with the Creator
  • Reconnecting with your Higher Self...your Soul
  • Enhancing feelings of trust, connectedness, and belonging
  • Inner discovery and transformation
  • Increasing self-awareness and the ability to live consciously
  • Healing life wounds through insight and forgiveness
  • Discovering your true nature to be eternal and boundless
  • Cultivating intuition, inner peace, compassion, and loving-kindness

The divine is ever-present and can be accessed through our consciousness, but our experience is hampered by "stress-static".  Meditation quiets and focuses the mind, to take our awareness beyond the stress of the outer world, the five senses, and the noisy fear-based mind to reconnect with the peace, simplicity, and wisdom of the divine.

Most of us have had spontaneous moments of being connected in this way, where life seems effortless and we experience a deep sense of love for ourselves, each other, nature, and the divine.  Meditation cultivates this connection, and integrates it into our lives.

teaches meditation techniques that are spiritually enriching.  We offer instruction to religious institutions, clergy and members.  We honor all religions and support people in meditating to enhance and strengthen their own faith. 
Provides the essential training required for any successful meditation practice.  Course includes classic techniques that quiet and focus the mind to release stress and permit reconnection with the higher self for spiritual communion and transformation.  The standard format is four weekly 2-hour sessions; format may be varied to suit your needs.
  • Contemplative Meditation

  • Loving-Kindness Meditation

  • Mindfulness Meditation

  • Creative Visualization

  • Higher Consciousness

  • Many Faces of Ego

  • Mindful Eating

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