"Truly great music exists in the spaces between the notes."
Claude Debussy
For those who desire a deeper more expansive meditation experience and the healing and insight it offers, or those who want to “get away” and nourish themselves!  These refreshing and instructive retreats provide the opportunity to meditate with others in an extended, relaxed and beautiful setting.  We alternate formal sitting meditation with a variety of active techniques.  Retreats vary in length and location.
Enjoy these ongoing weekly group meditations as a way to receive support and encouragement for your practice.  Participants gather for 90 minutes of meditation and informal discussion.  These sessions are available to anyone who has completed a course and are by donation.
For those who want to rejuvenate and refine their meditation practice.  We review fundamentals, clarify techniques, and practice.
We offer individual personal coaching to clients as they apply these mind-body techniques to stay conscious, peaceful and empowered in their lives.
For more information or registration, please contact us.