"Meditation lowers my overall stress level and helps me focus on whatever task is at hand.  I'm able to relax much more easily and quickly.  And you really can incorporate it into your daily life!"
Jim Lough, Attorney
"The best way to control health care costs is to prevent costs from occuring in the first place", says a Coors CEO who meditates regularly.
Business Week, 1993
"This experience of meditation has been very freeing and uplifting.   Participation has allowed me to "BE" and feel more comfortable in the workplace.  I recommend meditation be available to all staff!"
Joe Keferl, Professor
CSU, Fresno
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Stress has devastating effects in the workplace to employee health and business productivity.
Extensive research has convinced many corporations – including Marriott, Adolph Coors, Polaroid, and Pacific Bell – to use meditation as an integral part of their stress management programs
  • Reduces Stress-related Illness, Accidents, and Absenteeism
    Meditation is a proven way to reduce illness and absences, worker's compensation claims, and healthcare costs.  It reduces hypertension and heart disease, boosts the immune system, and reduces headaches, chronic pain, anxiety, insomnia, and other stress-related conditions.

  • Increases Productivity and Performance
    Research proves that meditation increases brainwave activity, which leads to greater focus, memory, and creativity  It overcomes fatigue and burnout and results in more innovation, efficiency, and productivity.

  • Improves Employee Relations and Morale
    Meditation is proven to decrease interpersonal conflict and increase communication, cooperation, and teamwork. This improves job satisfaction and company morale.

Through meditation the body becomes deeply relaxed, and the mind experiences a unique state of restful alertness.  This experience lasts beyond the period of meditation itself.  It is profoundly revitalizing to mind and body.  It sharpens mental functioning and efficiency while promoting physical health and emotional well-being so the individual enjoys increased success and satisfaction.

Meditation is cost effective, easy to learn, and doesn't require any special ability, belief, or lifestyle.  Meditation is also versatile: It can be practiced for 15-20 minutes each morning and evening. It can be done as a 3-5 minute "mini-meditation" that is easily integrated into a busy schedule. Meditation can even be practiced during activities and to reframe upsets. It is practiced by millions of people throughout the world from all ages educational backgrounds, cultures, and religions.

This training is at the cutting edge of stress reduction.  Participants learn to reduce stress instantly with a  powerful blend of meditation techniques, breathing exercises, and cognitive training.   They learn the mechanics of stress; how to identify classic stress triggers in the workplace, and how to overcome them.  They learn a variety of short "mini-meditations" that are appropriate for the business environment and that can be easily integrated into a busy schedule.  All of the examples, exercises, and teaching techniques incorporate real life business examples  that are easily applied to workplace situations.

  • Learn to reduce stress instantly with a powerful blend of clinically proven meditation techniques, breathing exercises and cognitive training.

  • Learn the relationship between stress, health, and the mind-body connection.

  • Explore classic stress triggers in the workplace and how to overcome them.

  • Learn to respond skillfully and compassionately to difficult people and situations.

  • Learn to let go of worries about things you can't fix and solve the problems you can fix.

  • Learn to face changes and challenges with increased balance, freedom, and personal power.

  • Increase your levels of peace and clarity of mind.

has designed cost effective programs to serve employers, employees, and their businesses.  Please view our course descriptions for details.
  • Half-Day Seminar
    Participants learn 3 classic techniques: The Relaxation Response (which releases stress), The Preference Process (which identifies and alters thinking patterns that cause stress), and Mini-Meditations (which fit easily into a busy schedule).

  • 55 Minute Introductory Presentation
    Great for staff meetings and lunch & learns. This entertaining presentation introduces meditation and its proven benefits, and it provides participants with a brief meditation experience.

  • Customized Training
    Customized training is offered one-on-one, in small groups, or in senior management teams. Sessions range from one hour to ongoing training and support.

  • Other Services and Products
    * Follow-Up Seminars  
    * Corporate Retreats
    * Meditation CD
    * Conference Workshops  
    * Continuing Education Credit for Some Professions
    * Ongoing Classes available in Fresno

  • Scheduling and Fees
    Call for details: 559.447.5850
    Email: Info@MattersOfTheMind.net

The Bottom Line: Meditation increases company profits by enhancing the qualities that companies need most from their executives and their employees. It is simple, proven, and cost-effective.

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